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The Frankenstien distro

OK, so maybe I shouldn't totally reference somebody else's novel when describing a side project I've started but hey... what's the fun in that.

So, I've started playing round with my Raspberry Pi... yes almost 2 years after getting my hands on it, I've finally started to dig deeper than installing Raspbian or PiBang on it!

That said, I've also decided to start adding to my lathargic blogging skills and keep those whom are interested, up to date (well relatively) as I go through the process

So, where am I now? Well:

Happy 4th

Another year gone by, and so... finally another blog entry :-D

Not much to report but did have an awesome dinner for our 4th cookout (lobster and burgers what a mix)

Hope you had a good one to!

It's really not fair Shebba

Last night poor Shebba passed away. We had no idea there was anythinng wrong, but as we've come to find out she had cancer throughout her chest

It was a total shock! It was so very sudden, and we miss her so, so much.

Yeah Jordan

Jordan hit a huge milestone this weekend, the training wheels came of the bike, and she's an official 2 wheeler now!

Congratulations Jordan! We're really proud of you

- Mom & Dad

Godspeed Crow

Our beloved kitty Crow took the long walk this weekend. He's been suffering for some time from different forms of urinary track disease, infections and such. This past weekend we became concerned when he started becoming very very lethargic, so we took him to the vet.

A day later, we got the bad news, his kidneys had given out, and he was dying. Reluctantly Jen took him to the vet that afternoon, and he was put to sleep, Sat. April 14th 2012.

Switched web servers!

This changes everything... we've dropped Apache 2
Kind of historic really, I've been using apache since the 90's but hey, since we installed nginx, we've seen a 10 fold increase in speed. And since we are on a resource limited server, that's very important
OK, enough techie stuff for the week... see'ya apache

Eastern Shore Rant's N Ravings

Each time I run into an experience, I'm going to start blogging it... Hopefully there will be less complaining than lifting up for my home on the Eastern Shore of Maryland!