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The Frankenstien distro

OK, so maybe I shouldn't totally reference somebody else's novel when describing a side project I've started but hey... what's the fun in that.

So, I've started playing round with my Raspberry Pi... yes almost 2 years after getting my hands on it, I've finally started to dig deeper than installing Raspbian or PiBang on it!

That said, I've also decided to start adding to my lathargic blogging skills and keep those whom are interested, up to date (well relatively) as I go through the process

So, where am I now? Well:

  • I've taken a copy of aboriginal Linux (link) and lifted the root user space out of the disk image
  • I took the latest Raspbian, kept it's kernel and boot partition, and replaced the root file system with the one from the Aboriginal distro
  • Lastly I tweeked the init system just enough to play nicely with the Raspbian kernel (still lots of work to do here, like say add multi-user mode, and a proper init setup instead of just dropping to a shell in single user mode)
  • Then I merged it all into a disk image aborigina_pi.img than can be pushed to a flash disk like any other.

And wa-la! this produces a simple distro that gets you to a bash prompt with a toybox user-land (and busybox for some things) so hey, that's a start (yes, I'll post a link to the image shortly).

What else is
So there's still allot to do, here are the basic goals in the near future:

  • Add a proper start-up / init system, either home brew init scripts or maybe even systemd
  • Add proper networking support
  • Add multi-user mode (i.e. setup multiple psudo terminals and job control)
  • Slim the image down from 160M to around 30M, which is closer to the actual used space of the root fs
  • Other ideas still to come...